Research and development

Our growth and development strategy is based on the expansion of the product portfolio using new and innovative ingredients and technologies, service production, and ensuring wide product availability.

We believe that trust and reliability are extremely important for the development of business, employees, and the working environment. We provide a stimulating working atmosphere in which an individual can realize his full potential through his creativity and innovation. Our professional and excellent staff contributes to the growth and improvement of the company.

We see the product portfolio for supplementation and self-treatment that we develop as adjuvant therapy in certain conditions, based on scientific evidence with a focus on safety. Only the highest quality ingredients guarantee a top product.

We listen to the needs of the market and find solutions for joint growth and progress. In addition to the efficient development process and creation of registration documents, we also continuously improve production processes using new technologies to efficiently meet the needs of our consumers.

We offer a wide range of final packaging designs, and products up to the level of primary packaging, depending on market and customer needs. Thanks to its knowledge, excellence, and production capabilities, Hamapharm has stimulated the interest of other companies in service development and production.

We offer the possibility of packing semi-solid forms (ointments, creams, gels, emulgels) in aluminum and polyethylene tubes. We make solid oral forms in the form of capsules and four-sided closed bags (sachets). We pack the capsules in blisters. We fill liquid forms in plastic and glass bottles, with or without a sprayer. The final product may additionally contain a dosing cup, syringe, dropper, or applicator, depending on the shape and application.

A team of top experts is responsible for product development, who create new and improve existing formulations with a careful selection of the highest quality raw materials on the market. The research and development department, through creativity and innovation combined with high-quality and reliable technological processes, continuously puts new and valuable products on the market to ensure exactly what is the main goal of the company: Health for all!