Quality policy

The strength of our company is reflected in our people, who with their experience and knowledge contribute to constant improvement in the areas of product development, strategic planning as well as marketing and sales.

Our main goal is to improve health standards and quality of life through quality and reliable products in the segments of dietary supplements and medical products. We strive for product quality and customer satisfaction.

Our production plant consists of modern machines for making solid, semi-solid, and liquid forms. All production rooms where the product is in contact with air meet the requirements of GMP class C and D. The line for the production of non-sterile liquid forms enables safe and efficient production in a closed system with a highly automated production system for filling and secondary packaging. The production of semi-solid forms is carried out on a vacuum mixer with a rotor-stator homogenizer, which ensures production following the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice. The production of solid oral forms takes place on machines equipped with the most modern video detection and quality control systems, which guarantee the traceability, quality, and safety of the product.

Validated and controlled systems for the production and distribution of clean compressed air and purified water have been installed in the facility.

Proof of this is the ISO 13485 certificate, the GMP Codex Alimentarius, and the Permit for wholesale trade in medicines.

ISO 13485 is an internationally recognized standard for quality management systems in the medical products industry. It is designed and intended for use by organizations to carry out the design, development, production, installation, maintenance, and sale of medical products.

GMP Codex Alimentarius is a certificate for the manufacturing of food supplements in liquid and solid forms, storage, and sale.