Private label

At Hamapharm, we offer contract production at the customer’s request, where we can develop products according to your wishes.

Thanks to our high-quality pharmaceutical equipment and machinery, together we can develop innovative solutions that contribute to improving the health standard of patients.

We strive to be recognizable on the market, and to build and strengthen quality and long-term partner relationships in the field of development, procurement and marketing of products in the countries where we operate.

Join us in the field of distribution, licensing, or manufacturing private label products. We offer a complete contract manufacturing organization of medical devices, dietary supplements, and cosmetics.

  • service production of medical devices, dietary supplements, and cosmetics
  • production of private label products for partners
  • development of formulations of solid, semi-solid, and liquid product forms
  • microbiological and physicochemical analysis of products and control samples
  • preparation of documentation for product registration (MD, dietary supplements, cosmetics, biocides)
  • preparation of product stability studies